Dedicated to Oilfield Waste.

One of the unique aspects of this program is that it is dedicated to the oilfield waste, where more than 95% of the waste comes from rig pads. There is always the possibility that the Federal Government could possibly change in the future and reclassify drill cuttings as Hazardous Waste. Even if a reclassification occurs, the SANO process is particularly beneficial to our client companies given the unique processing and handling of the cuttings, whereby the waste is in a secure location and will never need to be removed or relocated.

Energy Efficient.

SANO’s process does not require any additional energy usage to recuperate the hydrocarbons. Rather, gravity takes care of most of the effort by percolating the hydrocarbons down to the sumps where it is collected into tanks and tankers for shipping to the mud companies

Minimal Handling.

Waste is handled only one time. Material is tipped into the working face and spread by a bulldozer. The material compacts very easily without any need for additional equipment or compact it.

Environmentally Safe.

All treated waste remains in a lined cell, built to strict requirements, preventing any contamination to the groundwater system. ·

Customer Support.

SANO is able to offer low cost recuperated drilling mud. We also help our customers comply with Regulation NRF-261, which requires recuperating drilling mud.

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Sistemas Ambientales del Noreste, (SANO)

Is a privately built and operated landfill located in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas in México, which provides a regulated, quality alternative for the final disposal of oilfield waste in the Burgos Basin and EagleFord Mexico oilfields, as well from manufacturing in the Mexico-Texas border area.

Red River Service Corporation, SANO’s parent company, identified market needs and with the help of Mexican partners, adapted to local culture and environmental regulations and provides an environmentally sound oilfield waste disposal in Northeast Mexico. Triple lined cells allows for treatment of oil based drill cuttings, water based mud, waste and backflow to recuperate oil that later is shipped back to mud companies.